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“ Behind every bottle there’s a story : sometimes it’s a romantic story that tingles your phantasy, sometimes it’s a story that holds the expertise of the winemaker. This is what makes working with wines so beautiful.” 



At Gris Sec Restaurant & Winebar there can be discussed about wines, but the power can be find in the way they make wine so accessible for people. At Gris Sec the wine will be picket , suited to the flavor of the guest. 


In this way Gris Sec doesn’t make a normal wine – food combination. Gris Sec makes a wine – food – guest combination. 


The result of this will be a nicely suited wine and dish at your own flavor. 



Hi, I am Nathalie and I am the owner of Gris Sec.

My intention is for everyone to enjoy themselves at Gris Sec, whether it's the wine, the atmosphere or the delicious food, feel welcome!


My career has mainly come about in several starred restaurants , including Restaurant Hermitage* and Restaurant Niven*. My passion for wine was developed here. From here, wine has always played a role in my life.

Since 2019, I am the proud owner of Gris Sec and do so with great pleasure and passion.

I love to welcome everyone to my restaurant to come and enjoy a fine dinner



Hi, I'm Mitchell and I'm the Chef of Gris Sec.

I like to let everyone enjoy delicious dishes
with pure and surprising flavours.

I gained my experience at Restaurant Katseveer*, Katoen and Restaurant Meliefste*, among others. Here I was able to develop and now I try to form my experiences, knowledge and flavour combinations into beautiful dishes
in the kitchen of Gris Sec.

Together with Nathalie, I want to give everyone a beautiful dining experience at Gris Sec

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